4 Most Important Bamboo Floor Cleaning Tips

Although bamboo floors are often seen as somewhat exotic, they are actually quite easy to maintain when the right tips are followed. One of the reasons they are easy to care for is because they are remarkably durable when compared to other flooring types. This article will examine some of the best tips for cleaning a bamboo floor so that the floor shine and last forever.




Prepare the Floor Properly

Before a bamboo floor can be effectively cleaned, it must first be prepared. This can be done by removing any dirt or dust on the floor’s surface, using a broom or mop. Once the surface particles are gone, the bamboo floor will be in prime condition to actually be cleaned well.

Also, the mere presence of dust and dirt can cause the bamboo floor to be damaged easily, which is why this step of the cleaning process is so important. When these particles are walked on, they can dig down into the floor causing scratches (that may only be visible from up close).


Do Not Use Too Much Water When Washing the Floor

When it comes to actually cleaning the floor, it is important to not let water sit on the floor’s surface. This can actually harm the wood if water stands for an extended period of time. One way to clean the floor effectively is with a sponge mop, used in conjunction with a regular hardwood floor cleaner.

Another effective way to clean the floor with the right amount of water is with the Neato Signature Pro, which is known for its professional grade cleaning. The NEATO Signature Pro uses advanced laser guided navigation to move around a floor automatically from room to room. It can be used effectively on all floor types, which of course includes bamboo floors.


Do Not Be Too Aggressive

When cleaning the bamboo floor, do not be too aggressive. Scrubbing the floor aggressively can actually harm the finish of the wood, especially if all the dust and dirt particles were not fully removed. To avoid running into this issue, make sure the sponge or mop used is fairly soft and use it gently.


Remove Any Streaks After Cleaning

To finish off a proper bamboo floor cleaning, it is important to wipe away any streaks that were left by the mop or whatever was used to clean. This can be done by using a towel to dry the floor immediately after cleaning. Simply wipe away any dampness that was left behind, and the bamboo floor will dry free of any streaks.

As can be seen by the above bamboo floor cleaning tips, taking care of a bamboo floor and cleaning it properly is not a difficult task. As long as the proper care is taken and the right tools are used, the bamboo floor will shine and maintain its durability for many years.