4 Top Reasons To Do Business in Singapore

Doing business internationally can pose a lot of problems, especially when you are trying to do business in a country where the economic climate is not ideal. Whether you want to avoid dealing with corrupt governments or you simply want to go to a place where the business climate is stable, there are a number of benefits of a Singapore company. Singapore is in a great geographic location and has all the benefits that a North American company is looking for when doing business overseas.




Strategic Location

One of the main benefits of establishing a Singapore company is the location. It is located in the heart of Southeast Asia where more than 2.8 billion people live. Some of the neighboring countries include China, Taiwan, India, Malaysia and the Philippines. Singapore also has a wide range of transportation options, so doing business in neighboring countries with a base out of Singapore is simple. They have modern airports, trains and a world-class seaport at any company owner’s disposal.


[gmap addr=”Singapore Island”]Singapore Island[/gmap]


Local Economic Stability

when searching for a foreign country to do business, you will want to look for a stable economy. Economies that are on the brink of collapse can take your business down with it. Doing business in Singapore will not put you at risk to volatile changes within the local economy. Singapore’s economy is stable, as is its government. This means you should have little reason to worry when looking for locations to set up your business.


Singapore Budget 2014 deepens the incentives for restructuring across sectors and industries to allow productivity and innovation to permeate throughout the whole economy.




Government Regulations Pertaining to Businesses

Some foreign countries do not do business the way the rest of the world does. Instead, political corruption, bribery and other factors that can negatively impact a business run rampant. In Singapore, however, the country’s government has a solid reputation for treating businesses fairly. The government, like any other leading nation, has a set of rules and regulations for setting up and running businesses inside of Singapore. As long as your company complies with the regulations pertaining to your specific industry, doing business throughout the country can be easy.


Singapore Facts and Rankings - No1 City with the Best Investment Potential
Singapore Facts and Rankings – No1 City with the Best Investment Potential – Source: edb.gov.sg




Although Singapore is a very advanced nation, most businesses can still find bargains when it comes to what is necessary to set up a business. You can still get commercial property for a great rate and the fees for setting up your business are reasonable. Expanding into a global market is easy when you start with a country that has open arms to new and exciting businesses coming its way.


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