5 Interior Design Tips to Make Any Room Look Better – Instantly!

Although many people think there is a set pattern they can follow to achieve their dream look, every room is different. The design of a room may vary greatly; even if your room is laid out exactly like the one you saw in a magazine, the lighting and other factors that influence the way it looks could be drastically different from one another. Interior designers are masters of improv, allowing them to work according to a room’s personality, rather than some set layout scheme. However, here are a few tips you can use to make your room look great.


1. Choose your paint color last.

Decide on your furniture and other accessories before deciding what color to paint the walls. After you’ve had time to see how the light affects your furniture, you can decide what color paint would be accent it. It may be work, but it’s well worth it.


2. Use wooden furniture to provide a cozy accent.

If you need to add more warmth to a room, wood furniture is the easiest way to go. Recommended wooden coffee tables by Ethnicraft can be a great choice to add to a room; not only do they make it feel warm and inviting, but they are also functional, providing space to eat and store items. With the proper accents, a coffee table can be the focal point of an entire room.


3. Hang art on eye level.

It might initially look strange, but hanging art too far up on the wall makes it too difficult to see it appreciate it properly. The average human eye level is 57 inches, so you should hang your art at around this level. It allows visitors to properly inspect the work, rather than standing far away in order to see the entire artwork.


4. Use rugs to create sections.

If you don’t want walls to divide a room, but you still want to set aside certain areas of the room for specific uses, a floor rug can work wonders. These rugs provide a sort of ‘square’ that makes it seem natural to arrange something in that zone. Place the front feet of any furniture just on the edge of the rug to bring the entire arrangement together into one place.


5. Create a focal point.

No single room should just be a mishmash of styles and themes. If the room has a lot of diversity, make sure you add an element to it that ties the entire collection together. This focal point will serve as the ‘center,’ bringing the whole room together. It can be the one element that brings a sense of unity to a sea of chaos.

Interior design can take a bit of practice to get right, but once you do, you’ll love the results.