5 Must-Have Accessories for New Bicycles

Having a reliable set of bike accessories can save you plenty of time and headaches when you get out on the open road. After all, if you are unprepared to fix a flat tire or handle something else minor while you are out riding, then you may have to call someone to give you a ride home or, even worse, walk yourself. Luckily, there are a handful of helpful accessories that no cyclist should go without. These accessories will come in handy for general maintenance, as well as in the event that something happens during a ride. Here are five accessories that you need for your bicycle.


Bicycle Pump

It should come as no surprise that having a bicycle pump should be one of the first accessories you buy for your bike. There is no telling what you’ll come across or accidentally ride over during your rides, but having a pump allows you to quickly fill your tires with air and get back on your way. Be sure to keep in mind if your bike has an accommodating space to hold a bike pump. Some mountain bikes have a place where you can attach a pump too, while other bikes might need to you to put the pump in a bag attached to the bike. Whatever the situation, make sure you have a tire pump on you whenever you ride.


bicycle pump

Winner of the 2012 Red Dot Design award is a powerful high-capacity bicycle pump that has been integrated to fit inside a seat post.


Bicycle Lock

Whether it’s a quick ride to the grocery store or a long trek up a mountain, you need to make sure that your bike is secured whenever you take your eyes off it. If it’s not, you never know whether or not it will be there when you come back. Having a reliable bike lock will allow you to affix your bike to a structure or a bike rack. Be sure that you attach it through the front tire, as this is sometimes what thefts will try and go after when they steal bikes.



Creative bicycle lock


Creative Bicycle Lock that look like leaves



General Repair Kit

There are some really expensive repair kits out there, but that may not be what you need for your bike. Instead, you can get a general repair kit that has spare lube, a multi-tool, tire levers and other attachments that make maintain your bike easier. These repair kits are also often small enough to where they can fit in a side bag or backpack.


Saddle Bags

Speaking of side bags, you may want to consider putting saddlebags or a basket on your bike as well. Now, you probably won’t want to do this if you are taking your bike up on the mountain or down a speed track. However, if you do a lot of shopping or leisure riding, you can use these storage options to hold your stuff while you are riding. You can find saddlebags or check out some more bicycle accessories @ Barang Bike.


saddle bag bicycle




The most important accessory of all is a helmet. You should never ride without a helmet, as the risks are far too dangerous. Instead, quickly strap up and do yourself a favor. Even the most advanced riders have no idea what else is on the road, and wearing a helmet protects them from unpredictable situations.


Bicycle helmet


Having a great bicycle is one thing, but having reliable accessories is equally important. Be sure that you have the accessories mentioned here as you get out on the open road in your new bike.