5 Smart Employer Strategies to Motivate and Engage Millennials in the Workplace


Times have shifted and these days, it’s the millennials that are making up most of the workforce. This hip, trendy, and youthful generation takes a different approach to professionalism and work ethic. For lots of employers that belong to generation X, it can be tough to figure out how to manage and maintain engagement in a bunch with a completely different employment culture.

If you’re trying to figure out how to keep your millennial employees happy, engaged, and motivated, take note of these 5 employee engagement strategies.


  1. Reconsider Communication Channels – Millennials put hefty importance on digital communications, mostly because that’s their culture. They expect information to be instant, communication to be accessible, and content to be easy to understand and digest. If your company takes its time with the communication process or if you provide millennials any information they need through lengthy documents that are tedious to pick at, they might end up feeling frustrated.


  1. Renovate Your Workspace – Gray walls, cramped cubicles, and unintentionally minimalist design are some things that just don’t appeal to the millennial taste. Redesigning your workspace to make it more inviting, comfortable, and trendy will help make your workers much more willing to step into the office every day. Many offices these days take on a café-esque look and feel, which is often where millennials feel most at home.


  1. Provide At-Work Rest and Leisure – Yes, this would have been a major no-no in previous generations. But millennials work differently. Many offices these days have dedicated game rooms, gyms, and sleeping quarters where employees can spend their break time to take a load off. Consider what you can add into your office to provide a way for millennial employees to get some rest whenever they find necessary.


  1. Highlight Team Importance – Professionals in the past were able to work with one another regardless of whether or not they truly enjoyed one another’s company. But millennials will often refuse and even go as far as the point of quitting if they’re forced to work with people they don’t like. Companies these days thrive by highlighting the value of the team and creating a family-like relationship within the office. Tight-knit workers that treat each other like friends and family is the trend for office relationships these days. It also keeps motivation alive in younger workers.


  1. Add In-Between Incentives – Millennials appreciate rewards so much that they take pride in receiving them even if they’re not of such great value. Because gaps between promotions and incentives can seem distant and dragging, add smaller incentives along the way to bigger ones to keep motivation burning. Small things like a free meal, a café voucher, or even an extra day off are more than enough to keep a millennial going for a long time.


Times have changed. It can be hard to understand the newer generations. Be sure to keep your millennials engaged and keep those turn-over rates at a minimum with these 5 engagement strategies for your younger employees.