5 Tasty Dishes You Should Try When You Are In Chinatown, Bangkok


Chinatown in Bangkok is known for a lot of things. Hundreds of people flock there everyday to shop for almost anything. However, a very popular attraction in the iconic town is its food scene. There are dozens of food stalls and restaurants in the area that offer everything: from street food to foreign dishes. A visit to Chinatown won’t be complete without sinking your teeth into the food that’s available in almost every street corner. Here are some of the tasty dishes you should try:

  1. Fried Noodles – We always think of noodles as bowls of soup. This is not the case at all in Chinatown, where you can find stalls selling all sorts of fried noodles. They come in various flavors as well. It’s highly recommended that you try ones that are bathed in flames before being served. Locals call this the “wok hei”.

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  1. Yaowarat Toasted Bread – This may look like an ordinary bread on the outside, but you’ll be surprised by how tasty it is, especially when you get to the filling. It’s a buttered toast with a filling that’s composed mostly of condensed milk and Sankaya.

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  1. Bird’s Nest Soup – A lot of locals and tourists go to Chinatown just to taste the bird’s nest soup. A lot of stalls and restaurants offer this dish, so they often compete on who can come up with the most creative bird’s nest soup flavor. Of course, since this is Thailand, the bestsellers are usually the ones on the spicy side.

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  1. Patonggo – A popular street food in the country, this is basically fried dough sticks. It’s very delicious, especially if you drizzle it with sangkaya sauce. If the flavor is too strong for you, you can eat it with a bowl of sumptuous rice.

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  1. Pig’s Blood and Innards Soup – This is a pork stew of which the main ingredients are curdled pig’s blood, chopped intestines, strips of tender meat, and other pig innards. It tastes best if served hot and steaming.

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It’s advisable that you book a hotel in Chinatown, Bangkok if you want to fully experience the town’s food culture. Staying within the area means you have more time to explore and visit the stalls that you want to dine in. Chinatown is also adjacent to other popular destinations in the city. That’s another reason why staying in a hotel inside Chinatown is a great idea.