5 Tips for Losing Weight During the Holidays

Most people gain some weight during the holidays, so the thought of losing weight seems impossible. All of the cookies and other treats can be very tempting. However, if you stay disciplined and control your portions, you can drop some pounds. Here are five tips for losing weight during the holidays.


Eat Before a Holiday Party

Many people avoid eating much before a holiday party because they want to save some calories. However, you may come to the party ravenous and eat more food than you need. That is why you should eat a light but filling meal a few hours before a holiday party. For example, you could eat a turkey sandwich on wheat bread with a side salad. If you aren’t super hungry, you will be less likely to make poor food choices at a holiday party.


Take Small Bites

There are a lot of foods at holiday parties and it can be tempting to try everything. The good news is that you can try a lot of foods if you take small bites. For example, instead of eating a plate of bread pudding, just have a tablespoon of it. This way, you can still try everything without sabotaging your diet.


Stay Active

If you want to lose weight now during the holidays, you have to stay active. Exercising a few times a week will speed up your metabolism. If it is too cold for you to exercise outside, you should use the treadmill or elliptical at your gym. When you want to change things up a bit, consider taking an exercise class like Zumba or kickboxing.


Get Proper Rest

The holiday season can be quite stressful for a lot of people. Getting your house ready for guests and shopping for all of your relatives can give you little time to get proper rest. However, if you do not get enough sleep, it can slow down your metabolism and increase your hunger levels. Try your best to get eight hours of sleep every night.


Be Careful With Drinks

That glass of eggnog can be tempting at a holiday party, but remember that drinks contain calories too. If you are not careful, these drinks can add up to hundreds of calories. Instead of drinking these high-calorie beverages, drink some water or diet soda.

As you can see, losing weight during the holidays does not have to be impossible. If you follow these helpful tips, you can lose weight and feel a lot better about yourself.

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