6 Skincare Tips For Men Who Want To Look Great

Women might be the ones who most beauty companies target their products to, but men want great skin just as much as they do. Skincare for men is growing in popularity, thanks to more men realizing that looking great doesn’t just happen on its own. If you want to improve your skin, follow these six great skincare tips for men.

6. Improve Your Shaving Game

Too many men shave with a cheap single-blade razor and a generic brand of shaving foam and then wonder why their skin is so dry, irritated and inflamed. The first step to improving your skin if you’re a man is to improve the tools that you use to shave. Invest in a high quality shaving kit with disposable heads. Switch out your razor heads every week or so to ensure that you are getting the closest possible shave. When it comes to shaving foam, look in to higher end brands to ensure that your shaving cream provides your skin with hydration, rather than stripping it of moisture.


5. Learn To Cleanse

Many men skip cleansing their skin. After all, unlike women, the average man doesn’t have any makeup or anything visible to wash off their skin at the end of the day. However, just because you can’t see pore-clogging oil and debris doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. If you fail to wash your face at the end of the day, you can end up breaking out or seeing a dullness in your complexion. The best bet is to wash with a gentle, oil-free cleanser morning and night.


4. Treat

Many men steer clear of skincare products, fearing that they are somehow “girly.” However, using a product that is targeted to your specific skin concerns is a great way to get the great skin you want. If you are acne-prone, look into a treatment that fights clogged pores and blemishes. If you are on the drier side, look for a hydrating serum. There are plenty of products designed specifically for men that treat these various skin concerns.


3. Hydration is Key

Moisturizing after you shave in the morning and before you go to bed at night is essential if you want great skin. Find a thick moisturizer that is designed to treat male skin, which can often be more prone to dryness and flakiness from shaving.


2. Prevent Signs of Aging With SPF

If you ask any dermatologist what the best skincare tip is, whether for men or women, they will all give you the same answer. A daily application of sunscreen will slow down signs of aging and prevent unsightly fine lines. You don’t just need a sunscreen during the summer. Sun damage is a threat all year round, so you should be wearing a product with SPF every morning 365 days a year.


1. Stay Consistent

Many men who want to improve their appearance will invest in some great skincare products, but will fail to stick to a regimen. The only way to see results is by sticking to your regimen. If you can commit to at least 30 days of applying your treatment products and moisturizers once in the morning and once in the evening, you will see the results you want.

Fundamentally, what men need to do to enjoy great, glowing skin isn’t that different from what women do. At the end of the day, all you need to do is invest in a few key products and devote yourself to sticking to your regimen. If you stay faithful to applying your products, you’ll get that great skin of your dreams.