6 Smart Cycling Tips For Newbies

If you want to be a good cyclist, you have to do a lot more than just walk over to your nearest bicycle shop. Cycling is a sport that requires a lot of planning and concentration, after all. Thankfully, these useful tips can make a world of difference for people who are looking for success — and pure enjoyment — in their cycling endeavours.


Put on a Helmet

Cycling is all about glowing health. If you’re a cyclist, make sure you keep your health intact by always sporting a helmet. Remember, countless people all over the planet require urgent medical care due to cycling injuries annually. Head trauma from cycling also causes many deaths in cyclists. Not only is it crucial to protect your head with a helmet, but it’s also crucial to wear one in a bright colour. You want drivers on the road to be able to easily see you. Last but not least, make sure your helmet fits properly and won’t fall off your head.


Make Sure Your Bike Isn’t Heavy

If you want to enjoy a smooth cycling experience, do all you can to ensure that your bicycle is light. This is particularly important if you plan on going up hills. If your bike is heavy, it can make navigating hills a frustrating and slow experience. Try to minimise the weight of your bicycle’s tires, pedals and wheels. If your bike is under 20 pounds in weight, you’re good to go.


Be a Considerate Cyclist

Being a polite and considerate individual is important no matter where you go on this planet, and biking trails are far from exceptions. If you’re cycling on a trail that has guidelines, be sure to carefully abide by all of them. If there are any slower individuals on your trail, yield to them, as well. When you plan on passing, signify that by saying so or with the help of a horn or bell.



Invest in a Good Seat

If you’ve never thought about the seat of your bicycle, you should begin right now. If your bike’s seat is slim and hard, it can be highly unpleasant to ride. This is especially true for riders of the fairer sex. If you want to experience a more enjoyable bike ride, look for a sheepskin padded bicycle seat cover. These covers can minimise both friction and pressure.


Take Things Slow

If you’re not in optimal physical condition, don’t rush into cycling like you’re a pro. Pedal for roughly half an hour each day when you’re beginning. Do this for 3 to 4 weeks over flat land that’s free of hills. Then, slowly but surely move into areas that have hills.


Get a Riding Buddy (Or Two)

Make your cycling adventures even more pleasant by recruiting a friend to join you. Riding with a few friends is even better. If you can enjoy companionship and good conversation, you’ll barely notice how long you’ve been cycling. Riding with others can also encourage you to improve your skills.