7 Can’t-Do-Without Tips To Throwing A Great Party

Nothing is worse than a stale party. Follow these 7 great tips to keep your party alive and your guests ready for more:



1. All in the Color Scheme

Keep your color scheme to just a few colors; too many bright colors and you will feel like you are at an 8-year-old’s birthday party. Teal and silver, gold and burgundy, lime and dark green – there are plenty of unique color choices. Choose one party item, like napkins or a banner (if you are going to have one), to get your color scheme started and then move on from there.


2. Keep it Simple

Choose a few simple, tasty treats to have out for your guests. Too many sweets will make people feel sick, so a good rule of thumb is to also offer something fresh (like veggies and dip) and something salty (like crackers and cheese) to keep a balanced spread.


3. Groovin’ Tunes

Music will make an otherwise quiet room alive and buzzing. Jazz, acoustic and big band are all great for background music in a conversational party and fills the room in a way that isn’t distracting. Dance music can be fun, but is not the right choice if no one is going to dance.

Don’t feel obligated to play trite music – just because it’s Halloween or Christmas – doesn’t mean you have to play “Monster Mash” and “Thriller.” Try a list of organ music for Halloween and acoustic flute or piano for Christmas classics.


4. Mixer Game

If you are going to throw a party for friends who aren’t already familiar with everyone, then make sure you have an activity planned. Keep it classy. A guessing game at the door, with small prizes for the winners, is enough to give the guests something in common to talk about without being obnoxious. Give every guest a silly name tag – movie star names, historical figures, fictional characters, or whatever goes with your party theme. You don’t have to play twister to get people talking… although, you could.

Top Ten Party Games!!!



5. Who Spiked the Punch?

Don’t overdo the alcohol content. A party that gets sloppy quickly is no fun, but people want to be able to enjoy themselves while sipping on a drink. Keep the ratio low and make sure you have plenty of water available for anyone who wants to dull a buzz.


6. Don’t Forget the Designated Drivers

If there is alcohol, then there should be sober drivers. Offer a Shirley Temple or other virgin cocktail so they aren’t stuck with water all night.


7. Mood Lighting

For quiet, relaxed evening parties you can achieve a cozy feel with some “twinkle” lights (a.k.a. Christmas lights) hung tastefully around the room. Candles can also achieve this intimate feel, but might be dangerous with the wrong crowd, so, consider your audience.





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