A 3 Step- Action-Plan Every Beginner in Cycling Should Know

cyclist hydrating

Cycling in Malaysia is generally a great event. The roads across the country are in good condition and have a decent shoulder such that cyclists don’t get too close to vehicles. There’s no doubt that they were designed with cyclists in mind. Road biking in Malaysia is a popular sport among residents, but it is increasingly becoming a thing for tourists. If you’re a tourist and interested in road biking in Malaysia, click here to see more about routes, cycling events, shops, and safety considerations.


A video of  Cycling from Fraser’s Hill Descent To KKB

Now, before you get on your road bike in Malaysia, you need to learn some riding fundamentals. These tips will not only help to enhance your cycling experience, but they will also enable you to reach your highest genetic potential as a cyclist.


Hydration and nutrition

cyclist hydratingNutrition and hydration play a major role in the successful riding experience. You’ll sweat out a lot of fluids and burn a lot of calories while cycling. Therefore, you need to consider your nutrition and hydration needs before, during, and after rides. The rule of thumb is to take a meal two hours before a ride. Be sure to take at least 16 ounces of water an hour or two before as well, for in Malaysia you might need to increase the water intake due to the tropical heat in the country. On the bike, 20oz of plain water will get you a ride of fewer than 60 minutes. You need a sports energy drink if you’re riding for more than 60 minutes. Take fluids 30 minutes post ride— when the body is optimized to replace lost fluids. You can take a meal an hour or so after the ride.


Body mechanics and position

Your body position on the bike determines the amount of power you can sufficiently deliver on the pedals and how comfortable you are while cycling. The bike should be set to match your body anatomy to prevent injuring your muscles. Getting a bike that fits you properly requires measurement of all the applicable joint angles of the shoulders, spine, pelvis, and the lower extremity. A Spin Scan analysis will also reveal variances and deficiencies in power output between the legs. Correcting these anomalies along with choosing good shoes will prevent injury and improve your stamina.

How to perform a bike fit


Heart rate training

heart_rateThe heart rate shows how hard your muscles are working to keep the bike riding. So, whether you’re cycling for a race or just for fitness purposes, you need to learn to keep your heart rate in training to maximize workout results. The best method to determine the heart rate that will produce the best results is VO2 testing. This test will let you know your optimum heart rate zone at 100% workout. With this knowledge, you can manipulate exercise intensity to attain your target heart rate. Continuous heart rate training will allow you to cycle stronger and longer with less effort.