Are English Schools Harder Than American?

The English and American educational systems have marked differences. There are pros and cons to each educational system, but it seems that a consideration of the facts reveals that the English educational system is stronger than the American educational system. In English public schools, young children are taught difficult subjects from a young age, often learn multiple subjects and often must take longer tests than American students. Students in Europe have an equal shot of being admitted to competitive public schools, while that is a completely different reality in the United States. There are many public elementary schools with issues in the United States, such as low reading rates or high drop-out rates.




Exploring Difficult Subjects at a Young Age

Children in Europe often begin to seriously study English and math at age four. These young students learn to regard their studies in a serious manner from a young age, and they approach studies with a much more formal attitude than students in the United States do. In particular, England has students take exams that are considered to be “high-pressure” exams to fully develop the academic abilities of students. In International English Schools, students may also have the ability to earn college credits while they are still in middle school or high school.


Baby Learning



Promoting Multiculturalism Amongst Students

Another benefit of the educational system in England is that it tends to promote multicultural values amongst students. Students are taught from an early age to form their own beliefs about the world and to be accepting of all cultures. This is in stark contract to the education of students in America. There are many public schools in America in which it is not okay to promote a message of multiculturalism, and students may even be shunned for expressing an interest in different lifestyles. In Europe, this type of attitude is encouraged and embraced as a positive trait. This helps to create a better learning environment in the schools throughout England and greater Europe.





Teaching Multiple Languages to Students

In England, it is very common for young students to learn multiple languages. They may choose to excel in learning English along with languages like Japanese, German, Italian or other languages that they aspire to learn. Students are encouraged to be fluent in multiple languages as a means for engaging with the world. The culture at different schools in England promotes bilingualism as a positive trait. In America, students frequently only have the opportunity to take courses in English. Students do not have the same type of encouragement to become fluent in multiple languages. Students in the English educational system are also able to pick up on new languages very fast, and this is perhaps a result of being in an atmosphere that encourages multiculturalism.

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