Best Materials and Detergents to Clean Solid Timber Flooring

Knowing a good flooring supplier that will work in a designated budget and will allow questions and is willing to give information about cleaning and the materials needed for cleaning is a great way to make cleaning solid timber flooring or any floors much easier to do. Without a flooring supplier the solid timber flooring will look second rate and will look like nothing has been done to the floor at all.

To clean a wooden floor first dust mop it with a soft, clean dust mop, then sweep the wooden floor with a broom that has soft bristles to avoid making scratches on the floor. Spray a mixture of water and vinegar onto the floor and mop gently until the whole floor is done.

Wood flooring has to be done in a very precise way. Unless wood flooring is done just right, it can be ruined very easily. First sweep and mop every day using gentle sweeping motions to avoid scratches. The next decision is to decide what type of finish should go on, a penetrating seal or a wax seal. The experts who work with flooring can help with this decision.

Parquet flooring is very easy to do, just dust mop it every day and put an area rug in front of all the entrance ways to catch any dirt that maybe tracked inside. Another way to keep from tracking dirt inside is to have all shoes removed and left at the entrance. Make sure all area rugs are washed periodically so that the dirt does not get onto the parquet flooring and scratch it. Use a cleaning solution that is best for the floor to keep it looking new.

The best way to clean timber flooring is to use a vacuum cleaner on the barefoot setting. Do not use any vacuum cleaner that does not have the barefoot setting, since it will cause scratches on the timber flooring. Next mix water and wood cleaner and mop in a back and forth motion, taking care not to go over again what has already been done. It is best to work in sections allowing the floor to dry completely before walking on it again. Take care of any flooring and it will last a lifetime. Continue reading on How to Maintain the Look and Quality of Timber Flooring.

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