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The Premier Bank MasterCard Can Help Malaysians With Bad Credit

Category: Finance


Introduction – The Importance Of The Credit Card To Modern Society

The invention of the credit card has brought tremendous and significant changes in society. As technology develops, currency has become more and more digitized. Such a development has enabled the economy to become more advanced. And allows for it to be used in manners that were previously impossible.1

Credit, And How It Affects Deb...

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Don’t Be a Financial Failure: 2 Assets to Set Up Before You’re 30

Category: Finance

As a young person in Malaysia, it is wise for you to be interested in increasing your wealth. You do not have to be a financial failure.

In this article, we discuss some assets that you can set up before you reach the age of 30.

  1. Set up a savings account.

There are different types of savings accounts with various benefits...

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MAKE YOUR CREDIT GOOD AS CASH – 5 Things That Happen to You After Taking Up Your First Loan

Category: Business

If you are a first-time borrower, apprehension is normal since you are unsure whether your credit application will be approved or rejected. Banks and other lending institutions follow certain parameters or guidelines before a loan is granted. Thankfully, taking up loans in Malaysia is also possible for first-timers.

Big banks do not discriminate first-time borrowers...

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5 Smart Employer Strategies to Motivate and Engage Millennials in the Workplace

Category: Business


Times have shifted and these days, it’s the millennials that are making up most of the workforce. This hip, trendy, and youthful generation takes a different approach to professionalism and work ethic. For lots of employers that belong to generation X, it can be tough to figure out how to manage and maintain engagement in a bunch with a completely different employment culture.

If you’re trying ...

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Tips for Applying a Malaysian Company Registration

Category: Office SpaceStartup Business


When running a corporation, plenty of people don’t want to register their firm in the United States or other Western countries. No, while it’s beneficial in some ways, it is not beneficial in other ways. Think about it, when paying high taxes and dealing with overzealous regulations, many CEO’s go crazy...

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6 Tips to Get Started as an Online Entrepreneur

Category: Startup Business

Working as a successful online entrepreneur is not always done overnight, especially with the advent of social media and the uprising in competition when building new sites, brands and blogs today. Knowing how to successfully begin your journey as an online entrepreneur is possible with the right tips and tricks to get and stay ahead of any potential competition.

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Green Rubber Global, An Economy Saviour

Category: BusinessFinance

With the depressed global price of oil, countries around the world including Malaysia, is seeing its currency depreciate against the US dollar. Prices of essential goods and services have gone up, and the people are naturally feeling the pinch.

In fact, for possibly the first time in Malaysian history, favourites such as a cup of teh tarik or kopi tarik which sells from RM1.80 to RM2...

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3 Quick and Easy Tips for a Great E-Commerce Site

Category: Startup Business

Without a doubt, when running an Internet site, one can make a lot of money. While true, if a person doesn’t know what they are doing, they are bound to make a host of mistakes, which will cost them plenty of money. For this reason, one will want to know how to make a great e-commerce site, and here are three tips to doing so.

Great content: Above all else, when making a site, one must write amazi...

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Tighten Your Office Security: Daily Procedure and Policies to Enforce at the Office

Category: Office Space

Developing and enforcing strong policies and procedures will help to keep your business safe and secure. Employees need to be trained in these policies so that infractions are never accidental. Not developing good policies and procedures can leave your business vulnerable even with electronic security in place...

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How to Sell Online for Free: E-Commerce Resources

Category: Marketing

In today’s wide-open electronic-commerce market, even the smallest business can begin selling online. There are many aspects of online commerce that must be handled; however, most of these requirements do not take any money to start. Here are a few free e-commerce resources that every small business owner should know.

This website is perhaps the largest index of products and servic...

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