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Advantages of a Singapore Company Formation for Foreigners

Category: BusinessStartup Business

Singapore has made great strides in becoming one of the top countries in the world for business. Among other things, Singapore offers a quality lifestyle for all of its citizens, corporations and individuals pay low taxes and the country itself offers a vibrant and educated workforce. Above all else, it is extremely easy for foreigners to setup a Singapore company.

Location is Everything
It is tr...

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Reasons Why You Should Consider Serviced Offices

Category: BusinessOffice Space

A practical office solution that is gaining widespread popularity these days is serviced offices. These offices are spaces that can be easily furnished to serve as office space. Companies can rent serviced office from any duration ranging from few weeks to even few years. If you are a small or medium business and interested in an office space for rent at a prestigious location at a prestigious loc...

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Types of Loans Available in Singapore

Category: BusinessFinance

Over the last four decades, the economy of Singapore has grown from strength to strength. The country has moved from being a third world country to a second world economy. The poverty index has greatly come down; productivity has multiplied and so has the GDP of the country. This automatically has raised the par capita and consequently the standards of living of the people of Singapore.

Growth and...

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Private Equity for Small Companies

Category: BusinessFinanceStartup Business

Over 2 million new businesses open their doors in the United States each year and many use private equity to help finance their start up costs. Two major types of private equity used for financing new business start up costs are angel investors and venture capital firms. Venture capital firms invest in between 500 and 800 businesses of the 2 million that open each year...

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Social Media Use in the Developing World Supported by Rising Internet Penetration

Category: BusinessMarketing

By some estimates the number of social media users in the world has reached one billion – a figure that is expected to rise rapidly in the coming years. In terms of major social media sites, Facebook is estimated to have more than 800 million members, YouTube 800 million monthly users, Twitter 400 million monthly users and LinkedIn 150 million users...

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Why Corporations Give Away Corporate Gifts

Category: Business

Today, there are many corporations that hand out corporate gifts with the name and logo of the corporation on the gifts. Corporations that pass out gifts with the company name and logo on it are trying to continually remind the receiver of the corporation. Today, many corporations use some of the latest technologies to help spread the word about the organization...

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Venture Capital and Private Equity

Category: BusinessFinance

Venture capital and private equity are sub-sequential terms that often become confused in definition. Private equity is the term concept for equity investments not open for public trade. Essentially, private equities invest for partial ownership in privately owned companies or private securities of public companies with intention of significantly increasing profit...

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Benefits of Foreigner Personal Loans

Category: Finance

Foreigner personal loans are loans available to those living and working in a foreign country. As emergencies or money issues arise in everyday life many turn to family or friends to lend money, however, when living in a foreign country those resources may not be readily available. Loans are then a logical option, but as a foreigner it may difficult to navigate the banking systems. For example, Si...

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Corrugated Boxes and Its Uses

Category: BusinessPackaging Industry

Finding uses for corrugated boxes is simple to do. After a corrugated box manufacture such as this company ( supplies them to wholesale and retail stores, they usually end up in homes and businesses all over the country and abroad. While some of these home and business owners discard them as soon as they remove the products contained in them, others will keep them for further u...

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Blogger’s Web Hosting

Category: Web Hosting Biz

When choosing a great web hosting website that fits your criteria for building a great website on, you should definitely consider trying it out. You can buy a domain name on several websites that adhere to your website owning needs. Website domains are basically the overall foundation for your website. It is basically the thing that allows your website to be up and live for everybody to see...

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