Requirements in Putting Up a Service in Catering (Sydney)

If you are good in cooking, you can consider putting up a service for catering in Sydney. This is a great way to earn money and have a career in culinary. There are requirements you must meet to open such a business and one of them is making sure you follow Sydney’s health laws. Here are the other requirements to open up such a venture.

The first thing you should do is get experience in catering services. You can work for a restaurant that does this kind of endeavor. You can be an assistant caterer or assistant chef. You can also be an on-call employee for a catering company so you will know how they operate. Check which kind of event you like catering for such as parties, company activities, weddings or others.



Have a business plan you must strictly follow. You can base this plan on your research on different catering companies, especially the new ones. You can gain many ideas through the internet, your conversation with owners of sydney catering  firms, and your attendance in events that hire catering services. Identify what kind of event you like to serve. List down the cost of all you need such as equipment, a place you can rent to do all the cooking, marketing, insurance, necessities in delivery, hiring of staff and a website for promotional purposes.

You should make your business legal by getting the necessary licenses and permits. Visit Sydney’s health department and ask for all the documents needed in a food business. You should also go to the city’s local business office and seek for a permit to operate.


Do not forget to get insurance for your business. This is to cover the vendor, your guests, and your clients. You will also need compensation insurance for all your staff. To get other requirements on insurance, check the city’s local business office for this.

Outline various menus for different courses. Also have different options for dessert. To determine correct pricing, know how much the costs are for the ingredients, the rental for the venue where you do the cooking, the salary you give to your servers, and the cleanup.



Promote your business well through brochures, calling cards, ads in the local dailies, an optimized website, email marketing, and social networking sites. Be added in the maps of search engines such as Yahoo and Google. Be different from other caterers by specializing in distinct menus. Be visible in a network of all caterers in Sydney.

When you follow all these requirements, you will surely have a successful business in catering in Sydney (see example:

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