Cheap Accommodation in Malaysia: Homestays

Malaysia is a wonderful place to spend some time, with lots going on to get your attention. The big, glamorous cities are great but if you really want to experience the Malaysian lifestyle firsthand, the Homestay Program is definitely the way to go! You’ll actually have the opportunity to become part of a friendly, traditional Malayasian family, eating at the family table and learning about the customs and culture of each area.

The Homestay Program began in 1995 and has become a favorite way for tourists to interact with the locals and become acquainted with their day to day lives. There are currently thirty five Homestays across Malaysia with the unique culture and traditions of each state represented in the activities offered by each of the Homestays.


Secret Penang Spice Boutique Homestay in George Town
Secret Penang Spice Boutique Homestay in George Town



In your search for homestays, you’ll find that there is one for everyone, from the most luxurious of duplexes to a simple but clean and comfortable country home. While you’re there, you’ll enjoy the same recreation that the locals do. Hiking through the jungle is one popular pastime, as is white water rafting. When it comes to seeing the sights of the area, your host family can steer you toward the must see places and the must do activities.

You’ll not just hear about but also experience the culture of the local area. You can learn traditional dances, songs and games, including sports. If you want to participate in the preservation of the environment, planting trees is encouraged at each Homestay site.


The Boat house @ Sailor's Homestay in Bentong, Pahang
The Boat house @ Sailor’s Homestay in Bentong, Pahang


If you have an interest in the economic activity of the area, there are agricultural, rubber tapping and fish breeding activities to explore and learn from.

The Malaysian Rail Explorer is a Homestay package in which tourists are introduced to rural life in Kelantan. While traveling from Singapore to Kelantan, they are introduced to the customs and the culture of the state.

The people of Malaysia are said to be one of the greatest assets the country has. What better way to get to know them than by living, eating, working and playing with them on a daily basis? That’s what Homestay is all about, getting to know Malaysia from the inside, where the real people are.