Clouding Doesn’t Necessarily Apply To The Sky Above: Think Cataracts!

It can be a tough decision when your ophthalmologist suggests that it’s time to consider cataract surgery to remove those cataracts from your eyes you didn’t even know you had. A cataract is nothing more than a natural clouding occurrence of the lens in your eyes. And since your eye lens has the responsibility for focusing in order for you to see objects clearly, if the clouds keep clouding up, it becomes more difficult. Look folks, this is not a panic time, nor is it an urgent situation; although a cataract can interfere with some of your vision functions. Actually, it’s a natural process, and as far as we know an unavoidable aging process. The good news is your eye doctor, if you have regular vision checkups, probably was already aware of your cataract problem long before you had given it any thought.

When a doctor starts talking about anything to do with eye surgery, most people tense-up and begin to have reservations about how one minor mistake could produce blindness. It’s a natural concern, but with all the advanced technology, that includes laser cataract, if you have an experienced, professional ophthalmologist at the helm that has done the procedure hundreds of times, you’ll have nothing to be concerned about. Cataracts are painless, and surgery is performed in a hospital or well equipped surgical center in an out patient clinic.

Cataract treatment is not just for adults; children can also be helped successfully. A patient is awake during the cataract operation with nothing but a local anesthesia numbing medicine to block any pain, and put you in a relaxed mode. The cataract operation removal is a walk in – walk out procedure and lasts about an hour or less. You will also receive comfort in knowing your doctor will most likely only perform the cataract surgery one eye at a time, and recommend the additional procedure be spaced over a 30 to 60 day period.

Cataract surgery costs will depend on several variables, such as the type of procedure that is required. Each in individual must be addresed differently. A straightforward normal cataract surgery will average about $3,250 per eye. However, if your ophthalmologist completes a lens implant procedure, the cost could increase to a national average of about $4,500 per eye. The age risk for glaucoma is higher in those men and women over 75.

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This 3D medical animation depicts the phacoemulsification and extracapsular removal of a cataract (cloudy lens), and the placement of an artificial lens.