Don’t Be a Financial Failure: 2 Assets to Set Up Before You’re 30

As a young person in Malaysia, it is wise for you to be interested in increasing your wealth. You do not have to be a financial failure.


In this article, we discuss some assets that you can set up before you reach the age of 30.

  1. Set up a savings account.

There are different types of savings accounts with various benefits. Discuss with a financial advisor which ones are most suited best to your particular situation. You may not be able to put a lot of money into your savings account because of other things to pay for, but at least set aside some of your salary every month. This will create a habit of saving, which will allow you to save more over time when your financial situation allows you to put more into your account.

  1. Set up a life insurance with a savings plan.

Indeed, when we are young, we tend to not foresee far to the future. But bad things can happen unexpectedly. Since life and death are uncertain, it is best to be cautious. You should consider setting up a life insurance with a savings plan for the sake of your spouse and children. That way, if something unfortunate happens to you, you can be sure that they will be well cared for by the money that a life insurance can provide after you have passed away. These funds can pay the mortgage on the home, help them with university expenses or provide an income for them when funds available to them would otherwise be low or non-existent.


It truly is good for you to prepare for your financial future when you’re still young. Take into consideration these two assets to set up so you can be on your way to becoming a financially stable person.  Don’t hesitate to procure financing in Malaysia; the sooner, the better. And it is advised that you seek the counsel of a financial advisor to get any questions answered.