ESD Boxes Organizes Your Tools In A Number Of Ways

A well-organized workspace is a necessity for a stress-free working environment. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, you need a system that not only keeps things tidy but also eases your worries about static damaging your materials. ESD boxes are the perfect choice. ESD boxes neutralize static and come in an enormous array of sizes, styles and options.

ESD boxes are designed to hold individual components, large numbers of loose parts and even provide safe packaging for shipping. Most storage boxes are anti-static, but shipping and specialty containers might dissipate or conduct charges to ground. Common ESD materials include injection-molded plastic, corrugated and fluted materials. These boxes and bins will not slide around, eliminate the need for bagging and can be re-used.


ESD Division box

At your workstation, you can use ESD organizers and toolboxes to keep your tools corralled. Workstation organizers are specially designed to hold various bottles, solder spools and tools. ESD toolboxes let you enjoy portability as well as accessibility while keeping your tools static-free, and bin systems make it easy to set up neat station-side storage.


esd box for workstation

You have a multitude of options for storing various small parts and circuit boards. For example, CLPG Stackable ESD bins of different sizes can be pieced together to make your ideal storage unit. The open-front design gives you easy access to your parts. Even awkwardly-shaped materials can be handled with ESD boxes. Some styles come with long, deep compartments for tubes while others have thin, vertical slots. Special reel holders are also available for solder and wire.


Stackable ESD Bin

Totes are designed to hold circuit boards of all shapes and sizes. Small trays hold components while you work with them, and reinforced totes protect them during long-term storage. Many units have a customizable divider system that let you change divider depth as-needed. Some of the thinner bins have clear lids that let you see and clearly label every compartment.
ESD systems are easy to set up on tables, rolling carts and shelving. They require little to no assembly, and dividers and reinforcing layers snap together without the need for glues. With the number of color options available from ESD box suppliers, you can pick color options that suit your style or develop a color-coded storage system.


ESD colorful box

Investing in ESD boxes will make working with and inventorying electrical components less stressful. You can concentrate on your work without worrying about static or wasting time digging for parts. Giving yourself a storage system that works is the best thing you can do for your productivity.