Fast Manicures in 3 Easy Steps!

Handshakes, waves, hand holding, hugs and salutes are just a few gestures made with hands. It is important to maintain healthy nail care practices. It is easy to do with a few simple tips. Committing to about 30 minutes every 10 days can benefit nail growth as well as the strength of nails.

File and shaping nail
It is important to shape your nails before applying nail polish. Clip the nail to the length you wish your nail to be. Over filing the nail may cause cracks and breakage. Once the nail is the desired length file in one direction to create the shape of the nail. There are several shapes a nail can take however the squared oval is often preferred because of the added strength and professional look of the nail. The more oval the nail is the weaker it becomes the straight line of the squared nail adds strength to the sides of the nail protecting them from tears and chips.

Nails Filing
Nails Filing


Cuticle care
Cuticle care is best done with a cuticle removal cream. Scissors and clippers used on the cuticles can cause unnecessary nicks and cuts. This can create a haven for bacteria and infection. Using a cuticle removal cream eliminates the danger of infection. The procedure is very simple and easy. Just apply the cuticle removal cream to the cuticle area and massage into the cuticle. Next use an orangewood stick and gently, in a small circular motion, move along the edge of the cuticle. Use a cotton ball and moisturizer to clean the cuticle from the nail. Be sure to wash hands to prepare nails for the polish.

Cuticle Care 2.0


Applying polish
The final step is applying polish. Be sure to protect your nail with a base coat. Most polish stains the natural nail, applying a base coat prevents unsightly stains. When choosing a polish one of the best buys in cosmetics is the 3 Free Nail Lacquer Colors of butter London. The nail polish is created without the harsh chemicals formaldehyde, DBP, and toluene. After the time put into maintaining healthy nails it is only natural to use a gentle, non abrasive polish to continue protecting the health of your nail. After applying the polish use a top coat to give it a professional finish look.

Quick Tip: How to make your nail polish dry faster

These tips can be followed in a very short time to maintain healthy, professional looking manicures. However, the most overlooked step is to slow down and let the polish dry completely before using your nails.

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