How Are Shooting Boards for Target Practice Made

Shooting targets vary in sizes, shapes and materials. For that reason, how they are made depends on the target. However, one of the most common shooting boards that people see is a plastic target that has been manufactured from durable polypropylene, which comes weather proof. The armed forces commonly use targets such as PDRM and MINDEF when firing their weapons.



The advantage of these shooting targets is that they can endure moisture absorption, are weather resistant and dimensional stability. The targets come in various designs, colours and sizes, depending on the need.


Shooting board that provide weather resistant and dimensional stability.


Creating the Target

After the board has been created, the company creates a state-of-the-art printing for sharp and high-grade images. The advantage of a company using durable propylene is that the target has been made to withstand a minimum of 2,000 rounds. This means that the investment will last for a longer period of time. Laughably simple affairs, the simplest shooting board consists of one large rectangular board, topped with a narrower board and a third board that runs perpendicularly across the second one.


Plane blades that can withstand a fair amount of abuse.


Plane Blades

The advantage of plane blades is that they are not exceptionally delicate instruments and can stand a fair amount of abuse. The best shooting boards are heavy and substantial because they can withstand a fair amount of shooting before the need for a replacement.


The Golden Rule of Shooting Boards

Whether buying a shooting board or making one, an individual wants them to be fairly cheap. Target shooters sometimes make their shooting boards out of scrap to reduce the cost. The advantage of building a shooting board is that measured drawings for the design to not have to be considered. As stated before, shooting boards are usually simple affairs and the engineering and design goes against that principle. One thing, however, to consider when building a shooting board is to have it fit the workbench. Give the shooting board features that are most important. Instead of using propylene, people can use birch plywood set at 3/4″ x 3/4″. This ideal because it is long enough to form the top of the support.


Measure correctly to make the target of the base perfectly square.


Finding Vertical Supports

The next step in the process is to locate pieces of wood that provide vertical supports for assembly. People will want to center their target at the base and make it perfectly square. Before mounting the work to the base, people will want to sand the sides and attach the legs to the sides.


Designing a Shooting Board

As people get into the process of designing their shooting board, they will likely create small refinements to their design and board. After some light sanding and applying a coat of Watco Danish Oil, adding one to two coats of paste wax is all that is needed before trying it.

People can either design their own shooting boards or buy them cheap. However, shooter should consider the purpose of the shooting target. For example, if they will need it to last longer, a more professionally built board will be the more enduring option.


How To Make a Shooting Board