How to Improve Your Scuba Diving Breathing Techniques

Breathing is the most important skill for scuba divers to learn. Scuba divers who do not learn to breathe properly will be putting themselves in danger. When divers descend far enough, failing to breathe properly could even lead to death. Therefore, it is crucial for scuba divers to put in the time and effort to learn how to breathe properly underwater. Here are some tips divers can use to improve their scuba diving breathing.


Learning to Breathe with the Diaphragm

Divers who want to maximize their time underwater need to learn how to breathe with their diaphragms. Diaphragm breathing is the most efficient type of breathing technique. Using the diaphragm to breathe is the only way to get the full capacity of the lungs engaged. This will make the lungs more efficient, allowing divers to make the most of their oxygen supplies. Divers should practice breathing with their diaphragms on land until it become second nature.


Breathe Normally

When students pay their diving course costs to get PADI certified, they will be advised by their instructors to breathe normally. That is how divers should breathe underwater, but it is much easier said than done. Breathing normally underwater does not come naturally to most people. Most divers who just practice breathing while they are at their PADI certification classes will find that they struggle to learn to breathe normally.

The reason that breathing normally is so hard to do for novice divers is that their minds are being pulled in 20 different directions. There is so much for the brain to process while learning how to dive, and being underwater in a completely foreign atmosphere tends to accelerate the breathing due to the stress. This combination makes it very hard to learn how to relax and breathe normally.

Divers who want to learn to breathe normally should practice outside the training pool. They should wear a mouthpiece and snorkel while doing everyday activities like watching TV and doing the dishes. When divers practice breathing normally for several hours outside the pool with their gear on, they will find that it becomes much more natural to breathe normally when they go in the pool. It will become easy to do it unconsciously, which will allow them to focus on all the other things they need to do while they are underwater.


Better Control Underwater

When scuba divers put in the efforts to practice their breathing, they will be rewarded handsomely. Learning to easily control their breathing underwater allows divers to be relaxed and confident when they are below the surface.

Not only that, but controlling their breathing also allows divers to descend or ascend better in the water. A lungful of air will make divers more buoyant, while exhaling fully will allow them to sink. They can use this breathing technique in addition to their gear to help them better control their descents and ascensions.

Breathing well is what makes a successful scuba diver. It is important for divers to practice until they have it down pat.

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