How to Pick Out a Good Platform Bed

When shopping for a new bed frame, people often find the new platform styles very appealing. There are a few differences among the models available for purchase. The differences to consider include the material the frame is made of. Some frames are made of wood, which is left exposed as a way to enhance the visual appeal of the piece. Some wooden frames are covered in fabric to create a different look. There are also some models which incorporate both metal and wood into the design of the frame. The materials used to make platform beds will require a different amount of care to maintain them.

The various materials used to construct platform beds will also make the finished product appear different. When choosing this type of frame, it should match the rest of the bedroom furniture in a room. If the dressers and nightstands are made of a specific type of wood, the bed frame should be the same. There are a few exceptions to this rule, which include the styles of frames made with fabric coverings. The fabric can be used to enhance the appearance of certain bedroom furniture pieces. A frame covered in black leather will work well in a room which has dressers and nightstands in medium to dark shades of wood.

When searching for frames to match with lighter types of wood furniture, the models covered in lighter shades of fabric or made with lighter tones of wood will work best. Some models have just the headboard covered in fabric, while others have the headboard and body covered in fabric. Leather is the most popular fabric used for these types of bed frames and can be found in colors of black, white and brown. The leather can comes as a smooth or textured grain to enhance the appearance of the piece.

Another consideration when choosing a platform bed is the style of the base. Some bases are designed to sit directly on the floor, while others come with a double section making the frame appear to float above the floor’s surface. Some models also come with drawers for storage built into the base. These drawers can be used to store bedding when it is not being used. The mattresses used with platform bed frames may or may not be included with the purchase of the frame, which could also be a consideration when shopping on a budget.

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