How to Reuse Your Old Furniture

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Most people are conscientious about the purchases they make for their homes. Buying furniture can be a big investment when someone has many rooms to furnish. One way to conserve the amount of money spent on furniture for a home is to reuse the existing furniture. Furniture made with wood is easier to reuse because the different components can be changed or repaired to make the piece suitable for home use. Home living room wooden furniture can include wood end tables and coffee tables as well as sofas and armchairs. If the fabric covering a sofa or armchair is worn a fabric cover or throw can be used to give the pieces new life.

Dining Table

Refurbished Pop Colors Dining Table


Monroe Chair

Monroe Chair


Clock Furniture

Antique Clock with cupboard created a vintage feel.


Refurbished Pop Wardrobe

Refurbished Pop Wardrobe

Dining tables and chairs made of wood often get scuffed with use. Wood can be easily resurfaced using sandpaper to smooth out any scuff marks or scratches. Resurfacing will also remove the old finish which might have become dulled over the years. Once the surface area has been sanded the wood can be stained a new color and coated with a protective finish. Dining chairs can have their wooden frames resurfaced and their seats upholstered with new fabric. People looking to conserve money on the cost of upgrading their dining set can use fabric to cover their worn dining chairs.

Older furniture can also be moved to rooms where they are better suited for use. An old sofa can be covered with a throw and placed in a recreation room or child’s playroom. An old kitchen table set could make a nice outdoor patio set by painting the chair frames and adding a weighted vinyl table cloth to the table’s surface. Wooden chairs can also be stained or painted a variety of colors for use as accent pieces in hallways, entryways and bedrooms.

Another way to reuse old Ethnicraft furniture is to donate or sell it to someone else. There are a number of thrift stores and consignment shops that will accept furniture which is in fairly good condition. People looking for cheap furniture for their home can also find bargains at these stores. People looking to conserve the amount of money used to purchase furniture for the home, can buy furniture made of high quality wood. The stores such as Ethnicraft Online Singapore, homeowners can shop online and it carries a variety of items made from genuine teak. Platform beds made of teak will retain their beauty throughout the years.