How to Sell Online for Free: E-Commerce Resources

In today’s wide-open electronic-commerce market, even the smallest business can begin selling online. There are many aspects of online commerce that must be handled; however, most of these requirements do not take any money to start. Here are a few free e-commerce resources that every small business owner should know.

This website is perhaps the largest index of products and services that is available on the web today. If you are an entrepreneur that is in search of a business, this is your one-stop shop. Clickbank also has the ability to rival Google in advertising revenue for its best affiliate partners. Starting up with them is free, and there is plenty of opportunity to make money without having to upgrade to a “pro” package.


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This network has over 10 million members and gives online entrepreneurs the chance to be seen by like-minded individuals. The purveyors of the website say that it will not be affected by the Google Penguin 4.0 updates, so entrepreneurs do not have anything to worry about when it comes to online visibility. Getting good links is one of the most important aspects of selling products online, and LinkShare is one of the best ways to start.


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Commission Junction

Commission Junction is a pay-for-performance service that provides online entrepreneurs with the ability to make their own schedule. Sign-up is free.


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Commission Junction –



Google Adwords

As the undisputed leader in ad distribution on the Internet, the Google Adwords program is something that every entrepreneur should understand inside and out. There is no use in having a free online store (create yours!) or the best e-commerce software if you do not have the advertisements that will put your products in front of the right people. Signing up for Google Adwords is absolutely free, and on top of that, there is always a sign-up bonus.


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