How To Shop For Quality Wood Furniture: Tips From The Pros

Shopping for quality wood furniture can be challenging if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Professionals will quickly learn what they need to know about different pieces of furniture. It isn’t so easy for individuals that are coming in from the outside; it can be a lot more technical than it seems. The following are five tips from professional decorators and furnishing specialists that can demystify some of the process.

The first tip to successfully shop for quality wood furniture is to always bring photos of the room you are shopping for in different lights. Daylight through the window and different combinations of the usual interior lighting are ideal. This is an old decorator trick that manages to avoid introduction into most articles about interior decorating. This lets you compare different pieces of furniture directly to the rooms you intend to put them in. It’s a great way to get an idea of what a room will actually look like.

The next thing to know is to start looking with a single type of wood in mind. Shopping for wooden furniture provides you with an entire sea of options. Trying to narrow furniture down by style isn’t always an easy task: different styles of furniture can have overlap and are largely subjective in application. The type of wood utilized in construction is an objective statement that will greatly reduce the number of items in your pool that require your review and attention. This means you can greatly speed up the process of finding what you need. Further sorting it out by style, size or other qualities will start you out with a major reduction in undesirable pieces of furniture to sift through.


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The next trick is to always buy as much furniture in one go as you can. Many furniture outlets and suppliers will offer discounts on larger purchases. The processing, shipping and handling of individual pieces of furniture can often be defrayed for the suppliers when they can handle larger orders, so they encourage this by passing the savings off to their customers where possible. This requires advanced planning. You’ll need to select as much furniture as possible for larger projects and try to order altogether. If you know other people that are looking for furniture, bring them aboard; if you can get everything you want from the same supplier, you can probably find a proper discount on your purchases.

It’s important to remember that it can be appropriate for furniture to clash. You don’t need to get every piece of furniture from the same set. Different pieces have to complement one another; they do not have to match perfectly. Clashing wooden furniture in the same room can be done by using different woods or different styles. This is an important technique to master because it controls where the eye is drawn in a room.

Finally, it is important to shop for versatility. Look for pieces of furniture that can be easily covered or have fresh upholstery applied. This will allow you to maintain the furniture’s quality over time, as well as to vary the style lent to the room by the furniture without replacing it. It’s a great move for the budget-conscious.

Knowing how to shop for quality wood furniture is just a matter of knowing the facts and techniques. Pay attention to how the professionals do it and follow their lead. Those that have done it for years will always know the ins-and-outs of furniture shopping. This and other advice can be found online with a simple web search. Don’t be afraid to venture outside the realm of grocery store magazines; decorator blogs on the web can provide more insider information like this.


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