How To Soothe Sunburnt Skin With Natural Ingredients

Sunburns often occur when the skin is overly exposed to the sun. Some of the signs of a sunburn include redness or pinkness in the affected area, tenderness and pain. Sunburns can be quite uncomfortable, but the good news is there are home remedies that can be used to ease the discomfort and redness. Below are some of the home remedies that are available for sunburn:




Tropical Black Tea

Black tea is known for its polyphenols, which are antioxidants that can help fight diseases. There has been evidence to suggest that these polyphenols can also help sunburns heal faster. Additionally, the polyphenols in black tea can help shield the skin from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation.


Apply a whole compress of black tea bags on a sunburned skin
Apply a whole compress of black tea bags on a sunburned skin



Baking Soda

Baking soda is a helpful remedy that many of us already have in our homes. You can create a sunburn-soothing remedy by adding a few tablespoons of baking soda to your bath water. Make sure that you use cool water. Soak in the bath for 15 to 20 minutes. You may also want to add some oatmeal to the bath water.


Pure Baking Soda to heal sunburnt



Aloe Vera

This is a classic natural remedy. Chinese, Japanese, Latin America and Indian cultures have been using it for hundreds of years. It can help soothe the pain of a sunburn, and it may also help speed up the healing process. Additionally, the gel will help moisturize your skin. That is why you may want to consider using Nature Republic aloe vera soothing gel.


Aloe Vera for sunburnt skin
Aloe Vera for sunburnt skin




The sun not only burns the skin, but it also dehydrates it. It is important for you to make sure that you keep yourself hydrated while you are recovering from a sunburn. Your burn will be able to heal faster if you are well-hydrated.







Coconut Oil

Many people use coconut oil as a natural sunblock. It can also be used to soothe and heal sunburns. Additionally, coconut oil is great for moisturizing the skin.




Cool Compress

Ice or an ice pack should not be applied to sunburnt skin. However, you can use a cool compress to the burn. Apply the cool compress for 15 minutes at a time, several times throughout the day.


Cold compress



Sunburns can bothersome and painful, but you may already have what you need to treat them in your home. Topical black tea, coconut oil, aloe vera and baking soda are some of the home remedies that you can use to soothe a burn. You can also apply a cool compress to the area.