Latest Skin Care Options From The Dermatologist

Everyone showers, brushes their teeth, washes their hair, so why do numerous people not take care of their skin? Neglecting to take care of our skin results can be compared to skipping showers.

Facial peels
Chemical peels can be defined by any dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. As with all attempts to do anything yourself from home, a person has to be cautious and read the directions carefully. Trying to use chemicals by yourself is a mistake since you can burn your skin harshly without a doctor’s guidance. These peels can be costly; however, they effectively treat problem areas on the skin.





Sun damage
It is common sense to always use sunblock, especially on your face. Not only does it prevent wrinkles, but it also helps protect you against various forms of skin cancer. Sadly, numerous sunblocks have cancer causing ingredients in them;therefore, you should constantly read the ingredients and buy the products with ingredients you can pronounce. For some people, it is too late to start wearing sun screen to protect against dark spots. Dark spots from too much exposure to the sun without the correct sunscreen make the skin look older, and dull. For skin damaged by too much exposure to the sun, Light-emitting diode therapy may help treat sun spots. LED therapy uses blue, or red lights to treat wrinkles, sun spots and even stretch marks (Brown 2014).





Radio waves
In addition to peels, there is is a lesser known, but effective way to maintain a wrinkle-free face and body. According to Thermage’s official website (2014) this treatment is completed using radio waves. Using radio waves as a treatment helps to control wrinkles without the abrasiveness of plastic surgery. Science plays a factor in the creation of this method, so if you need scientific proof, this particular choice may be the best skin-care treatment choice for you. Sending waves through the various choices of face lifts bring a great treatment such as the Nano-current facelift. This facelift sends waves through the face to enhance cell growth to allow skin to remain flawless without any recovery time (A List Beauty 2014).

Body ages, too!
People often focus on the effects of aging on the face, forgetting the rest of their body. Aging can affect the hands, neckline, and even the skin around the elbows. Full body treatments may cost more, but are worth looking ageless. Numerous people can argue that skin treatments are just as necessary as daily hygiene. Maintaining healthy skin can be a hassle, but having gorgeous glowing skin is worth it!


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