Malaysia Plans Ahead for Future Residential Growth

Looking for Asian property leads many to check out Malaysia as an option. Western Malaysia offers an equatorial climate, forest-laden mountains, biodiversity of nature, and is surrounded by beautiful seas and oceans. Known as being a passive nation, getting on well with neighbors, the people also enjoy a freedom of religion and choice. However, there is one significant reason why both Malaysians and foreigners are actively seeking property.


Klang Valley

The growth of Klang Valley has risen to an astounding 7.5 million citizens in 2012, with many workers arriving from Indonesia and India to take part in the economic benefits available. Klang Valley has many different towns that are incorporated in the area, with plans to expand further to the north. These underdeveloped regions will make a perfect addition for being close to industry and commerce. What drives economic growth, also drives real estate.


Malaysian Mega Project

It takes a well-rounded government plan for expansion and progressive steps were taken over 5 years ago in order to be prepared for a swell in the population. The Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit (KVMRT) is a proposed three-line Mass Rapid Transit system located in Klang Valley, that is designed to carry not only inter-city commuters more efficiently, but to also reach out to the suburbia areas now being built. Running at 3.5-minute intervals and designed to carry 400,000 commuters per day, this underground solution to road wear and tear is making headlines.

Any time a new freeway is built, new condos, houses, and shopping malls are not far behind. The properties increase in value due to easy access and expansion is inevitable. Imagine the growth potential with a state-of-the-art railway system, completely enclosed beneath the ground that reaches far corners of the country. There will still be vehicles and highways for those that prefer to drive but the congestion will be minimized for speedy travel.

Currently, there are some good deals for the taking in Malaysia, but once the three phases of this high-tech commuter train are completed, property could already be out of reach. If you have always had a passion to invest in property in Malaysia, now is the time to do your homework and obtain a map of the proposed KVMRT lines. The results could be significant.