Planning an SEO Campaign

With all of the developments in online marketing, planning an effective search engine optimization (SEO) campaign can be a daunting task. The temptation to outsource to an Malaysia SEO company for things like Adwords management, web content management, and even social media marketing in some cases, can be appealing but comes with its own set of potential pitfalls. The goal of quality search engine optimization is to improve the awareness of a brand as it applies to search engine ranking and whether to do this through an outside service provider, hire someone to handle it in-house, or take on the endeavor yourself will be critical in defining how your brand is received online.

Competent search engine optimization planning requires a comprehensive approach that includes back-end SEO in web page structure and building back-links leading into your landing page through verified effective methods that will not get your site blacklisted by Google, and at the same time draw the exact attention you seek. Contacting web masters directly, funding a healthy paid search budget (otherwise recognized as search engine marketing or SEM), is distinctly different from organic search; but depending on the content of your site and how it’s used to garner interest in your cause, service, or product, it can have a significant influence on how often your site is crawled by search engines.

Developing a paid search plan, specifically adwords management, either through providers of Google Adwords services or structured by a staffer in-house, or on your own, is mandatory for anyone serious about building brand reputation through an online marketing campaign. Blog and forum advertising is also an effective way to pay for enhanced search results, but it is essential that a great deal of attention is placed on only advertising on the sites that best fit within your demographic.

Incorporating social media marketing into your SEO campaign is also an essential part of any online marketing SEO strategy. While specific conversations on social network sites like Facebook are not crawled by search engines, Twitter feeds show up in search results. This makes building a large following on Twitter around your brand, and more specifically actively engaging this following an exceptional source of free, targeted, organic traffic, which ultimately increases your search engine results.

Personally managing a campaign can prove to be more expensive than contracting a service provider, as SEO service providers tend to utilize website audit reports, advanced analytic tracking and a wide range of paid software programs the likes of which would be impractical to purchase for the purpose of managing a single campaign. Likewise, some of the best organically driven traffic is the result of free marketing methods that produce massive results, like submitting your site to search engines or forums directly, posting free online classified ads, or streaming RSS feeds as social media updates with banner API attached leading back to your site. Ultimately, the decisions to pay an SEO company or to exercise other means of planning an effective SEO campaign comes down to the return you can expect to get on your investment. You may wonder pursuing work as a SEO services professional, let’s read it now.

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