Popular Beers From Around The World

These days you don’t have to go traveling around the world to try beers from different countries. Liquor stores and grocery stores commonly supply foreign brands of beers and a lot of bars will have them available on tap. If you’re interested in brands that are harder to come by here in the states you can even go online and order a case to have sent right to your front door. Let’s take a look at some of the popular beer brands from around the world.


Mexican Beers

Probably the easiest country to find beers from is directly south of the border. Advertisements for Tecate, Corona, and Dos Equis are widespread in our media, and you can find them in just about any store in America. Modelo Especial flies farther off the radar than other popular Mexican beers, but is steadily becoming more popular.


European Beers

Our friends from across the pond know a thing or two about brewing beer, and their representation on our shelves proves it. Guinness gives you a potent taste of Ireland while Heineken brings you a piece of the Netherlands. Both are widely distributed here in the States and have become somewhat of a household name. Stella Artois, a beer hailing from Belgium, and the German-brewed Beck’s are both rated among the most popular import beers in America. Newcastle Brown Ale on the other hand hails from England, and though it’s not as big a front runner as other European beers, it can still be easily found on liquor store and bar shelves around the country.


Asian Beers

Asian beers have a more subtle popularity here in America. While you can still find them in when you go shopping, beers like Tsingtao are more typically served in Chinese food restaurants. The Land of the Rising Sun has given us a few beers to choose from: Sapporo, Asahi, and Kirin are all brewed in Japan. Tiger Beer is a more low-key brand of beer originating in Singapore, but it’ll surprise you just how often you can find it if you know what to look for.


Other Beers

You may remember seeing commercials for Australia’s Foster’s and the Jamaican lager Red Stripe on television some years back. While both beers have scaled back on their TV advertisements, they’re still found plentifully on the shelves.

Supporting beer made here in the states is admirable and sometimes preferable, but sometimes it’s nice to venture out and give something different a try. Whatever beer you choose to drink, be it your tried and true brew or something foreign and new, you can find it and more at http://redmart.com.


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