Recommended Private Schools in Malaysia


For parents who understand a child’s education is a top priority, a private school in Malaysia with an international curriculum is the best choice. Befriending classmates from different cultures and backgrounds is not only enriching, it is also increasingly important for the leaders of tomorrow. Children at international schools frequently develop friendships with other highly motivated students that develop into life-long contacts useful in today’s global economy.

Typically, private Malaysian schools are international or English schools catering to Malaysian children as well as the children of British and North American expatriates. The students at international schools benefit from an education with a global perspective that often enhances a student’s desire to attend one of the world’s top universities. Students tend achieve their full potential when exposed to an international curriculum which encourages a university education as a means to a prestigious international career in business, finance, or politics.

While Malaysian public schools have a high standard of academic excellence, they often have large class sizes. Typically, private schools offer smaller classes where children receive more attention. In addition, many private schools have excellent facilities for academics, sports, drama, music and other activities which public schools are unable to match.

In Malaysia, parents who wish to have their children enrolled in the best English school with the educational excellence of a British boarding school choose the Prince of Wales Island International School ( The school’s reputation for excellence makes it the most highly recommended private school in Malaysia among both Malaysians and the international community.

Parents looking for a flexible boarding school where their children can learn independence and self-sufficiency in a safe, nurturing environment should consider the Prince of Wales Island International School ( Private boarding schools help children grow into well-rounded adults. Options for full-time, weekday or part-time boarding suit the needs of children requiring varying levels of attention and structure from an educational institution.

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