Remove Pet Dander & Allergies From the Home With 1 Cleaner

Almost everyone has allergies, whether its your pet, the season, or simply just dust, most of us know what its like to suffer from these allergies. The red itchy eyes, the stuffy nose, the itchy skin, and the constant sneezing.

Unfortunately, the allergens and dander that often cause our allergies tend to become trapped in our home. We cannot see allergens and dander, but they can quickly accumulate inside your home. They can get stuck anywhere from your rug, your pillows, your clothing, and even your bed. When dander and allergens get into the carpet, they are stirred up when someone walks on the carpet, spreading them throughout the air. If you don’t remove these allergies from time to time, they build up and eventually cause allergy attacks regularly.

Its sometimes hard to imagine how it could even be possible to remove these allergens from your home, without having to throw away and repurchase all your items. But, luckily, it is very possible. More and more products are being created simply for those of us who suffer from allergies. Try this Neato XV-21 cleaner is designed to not only clean your house, but to grab and remove the dander and allergens that become stuck in your carpet.


Doggone Dog Dander Infographic



With its specially made bristles, it can reach deeper into the carpet, and collect everything from pet hair, to small dander fibers. With the addition of its built in filter, it promotes airflow and suction strength, successfully picking up more than three times the dust and allergens found in our carpet. The best part, it cleans on its own with robotic technology, allowing you to stay away from the allergens and dander until it is successfully removed. With products like this vacuum, it is becoming increasingly more simple to rid yourselves of allergens and dander that surround us in our homes each day.