Shakura Malaysia – 6 Subtle Rules to Beautiful Skin

Everyone has a vice that may cause their skin to reduce in quality. Chances are, there is something you are doing that is causing your skin to not look at great as it should. By following through with these different steps, you are sure to have beautiful skin in no time (see Shakura Malaysia). Now, it is going to take some time to get use to these different steps for some people, but the longer you stay with it, the better your skin is going to become.

For starters, you need to try and break free from bad habits. This means if you touch your face, you need to stop it. Touching your face, in any shape or form, is a leading cause of breakouts, so by not pushing oil and dirt into your face with your hands, this is an excellent way to correct it.

Try to wash your pillowcase once a week at least. You don’t want to know how much bacteria or skin cells are on your pillow. If you don’t want to wash the cases once a week, at least have a second or third pair sitting around so you can swap it out and then do a large load every few weeks.

670px-Clean-a-Touch-Screen-Step-5Along with cleaning your pillow cases, wipe off your cell phone screen with an alcohol pad. It’s really amazing how greasy the cell phone cover becomes over time, so this alcohol swab should help keep it clean.


You know how important it os to use a cleanser in the morning and before bed. Well, when using one, make sure to opt for something with salicylic acid. This is going to remove the dead skin and reduce the appearance of your pores, which are two important steps in obtaining beautiful skin.


Did you know your towel can actually damage your face? That’s right, the fibers in the towel may cause small tears in your skin, which can cause bacteria to creep in and, in return the development of acne. Due to this, swap out for either a completely cotton towel, or actually use a cotton t-shirt to wipe your face.

b8992ae0156f43a047000e3f4c6c36d1Add in a toner to your routine after washing your face. This is something you want to do as it is going to help clean out your pores without removing all of the natural oils that are found in your skin. This way, your skin doesn’t over compensate for the loss.