Should Feng Shui Be A Crucial Factor in Property Sales – Especially in Asia?

Feng Shui is an ancient belief system that subscribes to the use of energy in the promotion of a more positive life. In this belief, each and every thing around us represents and has an effect on energy. In manipulating these things into a more harmonious arrangement, energy, or Qi, can flow freely and thus promote healthier, happier human longevity. Feng Shui is therefore largely practiced in homes, businesses, and external landscapes of subscribers.

Active use of Feng Shui in homes and business is said to promote all kinds of life benefits. The placement of a mirror just inside the front door deflects approaching bad energy. Keeping living plants indoors, well-maintained, promotes positivity. Fish and flowing water are also good for luck and the reflection of evil forces.

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Among practitioners, these basic, sworn-by principles help form the framework of a larger, very deep ideology. Some have quite naturally begun to wonder though, “Is the sale of property in Feng Shui method as helpful as the actual habitation of property in such manner?” This has come to be a noteworthy question as of late.

Property Feng Shui experts in Malaysia and other leading centers of practice believe it to be very helpful. Many experts believe that not only will better luck bestow the buyer and seller, but the buyer may actually be more drawn to the property. An actual sensation or feeling of positivity is said to be easily experienced in such situations, because of the positive energy flows decoratively made possible.


StarProperty FengShui Guide
StarProperty FengShui Guide


On the other hand, Feng Shui is admittedly not for everyone. In many markets where it has been tried, buyers have actually pulled back from the properties. Perhaps it is a sense of unfamiliar arrangements and décor for those not familiar. Maybe they are sensing this ethereal feeling and don’t know how to handle it subconsciously. Either way, it seems that quite often, Feng Shui is more appreciated and thus more of an aid to the property seller in locales where it is more commonly practiced than in locales where it is not.

In conclusion, we answer the question – “Should Feng Shui be a crucial factor in property sales?” Feng Shui absolutely should be a factor if the area in question is one of more regular, Feng Shui practice. However, if it is not, the use of the practice in arrangement of the property can turn out to be quite the gamble.