Simple Ways To Keep Nails Looking Good

Nail polish is one of the best ways to keep fingernails looking perfect. There are several tips that should be taken before nail polish is applied.

First, trim or cut the fingernails. For best results, soak the nails in warm water for five or ten minutes before cutting them, soaking them makes them softer and more easier to cut or trim and will not cause breaking or cracking. For those who are too busy to soak their nails, the nails can be cut right after bathing or showering.


After trimming the nails, gently push back the cuticles with a cuticle stick. If the cuticles are dry, moisturize them with lotion and then push them back. Always avoid pushing back dry cuticles because it can lead to hangnails. Moisturizing will help keep nails from cracking, splitting or breaking. If needed, purchase a cuticle stick and nail moisturizing lotion from the Butter London online beauty store.

Once the nails have been trimmed and the cuticles have been pushed back, shape the nails with a fingernail file. According to many experts, it is best to shape the tips of the nail in an oval and leave the corners slightly square. Shaping fingernails with a file strengthens them and keeps them from cracking. For best results, use a fine-grit fingernail file and file the nail in the direction that the nail grows. In addition, to avoid causing damage to the fingernails, do not file the nails back and forth with an abrasive file.

Tutorial On How To Cut, File & Shape Nails



Once the nails have been filed, select a color for the base coat and apply it in three even strokes (see Nail Polish Trends For Spring 2013). First, place one stroke down the middle of the nail and then down both sides. The entire nail should be filled after this process. If a second coat is needed, allow the base coat to dry completely before adding another layer of polish. To protect the nail polish from chipping and to enhance the nail color, seal it with a durable topcoat. It is best to select a slow-setting topcoat because quick-drying ones tend to leave the polish feeling soft or mushy, which can cause the nail polish to dent or smudge.

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These easy-to-follow tips will help keep nails and fingernail polish looking good for a long time.

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