Singapore Massage 101: The Difference Between Balinese and Javanese Massages

From Swedish to Thai, Singapore is known for its famous types of massages. These massages not only help with relieving body aches, but they also give you relaxation. However, since many massage techniques can seem similar, this guide will help you learn the difference between two popular massages in Singapore: Javanese and Balinese.


What is a Balinese Massage?

With a Balinese massage, you receive a full-body massage that combines reflexology, gentle stretches, acupressure and aromatherapy to give you complete relaxation. The various techniques used in a Balinese massage is meant to stimulate the energy in your body and improve your well-being.

From kneading to stroking, a Balinese massage includes different massage techniques to help ease any knots in your body. Balinese massages work well for people who have damaged tissue or need to relieve any strained muscle or joint. They can also be used for minor sports injuries. With aromatic essential oils, a Balinese massage is a deep, holistic massage technique that helps bring your body back in balance and relieve stress.


Balinese Soothing Massage



What is a Javanese Massage?

Javanese massage centers like Healing Touch are one of the most popular places to go when you want a special massage treatment. Originating from Java, Indonesia, Javanese massages are used for relieving muscle and joint pain, mostly in the legs.

The Javanese massage technique requires the use of the whole hand, including knuckles, to give a patient the full Javanese massage experience. Javanese massages also requires the use of deep thumb pressure to help relieve muscle and joint pain, and it is considered a rougher massage that can be painful. However, Javanese massages are meant to relieve pain, so pain can occur during the massage to help appease the pain.

In most cases, herbal oils are used during a Javanese massage, which enhances the massage therapy. Javanese massages are also popular among women who have given birth since they help with getting rid of water retention and weight loss.


Javanesse Massage




Difference Between Balinese and Javanese Massages

Compared to the Balinese massage technique, the Javanese massage technique is used for relieving pain rather than relaxing the patient; it is a rougher massage technique that can cause the patient to feel pain. The Balinese massage is meant to relax the patient and relieve any body aches with a softer technique compared to the Javanese massage.

Another difference between Balinese and Javanese massages is that the Balinese massage is a full-body massage while the Javanese massage focuses on a certain area of the body that has muscle or joint pain. Also, fragrant essential oils are used during a Balinese massage to help relax a patient while herbal oils are used during a Javanese massage to aid in the massage therapy. For people who want to relieve more serious body pains, a Javanese massage is the best choice compared to a Balinese massage; for those who enjoy a more relaxing massage that also helps relieve minor body aches, a Balinese massage is the one to choose over a Javanese massage.