The Difference Between Organic Tea and Regular Processed Tea

The difference between organic tea and regularly processed tea is significant. Buying organic has large impacts on your health and the environment. If you have ever wondered whether purchasing organic tea is worth it, read on.

Organic tea is grown naturally without the use of pesticides. The soil is cared for and cultivated to produce the best crops, and pests and diseases are controlled using natural methods. To be certified as organic the land the crops are grown on has been untouched by pesticides for at least three years. Regularly processed tea uses pesticides to control bugs that can damage the crops. The difference might end there, but the impact this has on your health and the environment is significant.

The pesticides and chemicals used in producing tea can be quite harmful for your health, to the point that some claim the benefits of drinking tea are cancelled out by the chemicals you will end up ingesting. The chemicals in the tea are linked to many health problems such as memory issues, developmental delays, and attention disorders. One of the benefits of organic tea is that you will not be putting your health at risk by inadvertently ingesting pesticides and chemicals.

Another benefit is that the farmers’ health with not suffer from applying the pesticides. Often tea is grown in areas of the world where the regulations for farming are loose or are not enforced. They are exposed to high levels of dangerous pesticides that cause cancer in illness in themselves and their families. Buying organic tea means you are buying from healthy farmers.

Non-organic tea farming is devastating for the environment. Tea is grown on mountainsides. When the pesticides are applied to the crops a portion of the chemicals run off the plants and seep into the ground and water ways. As the water run down the mountains, it brings the pesticides with it, contaminating water supplies and soils of local villages and towns along the way. As the soil becomes laden with pesticides, its nature changes to the point where more and more pesticides and chemical fertilizers need to be applied to produce any crops. With the pesticide-free, safe practices used in organic tea farming, run off and contamination is not an issue.

After reading about how organic tea benefits your health, the farmers’ health, and the environment, you are probably craving a taste of a freshly brewed organic tea. Click here for more options of excellent quality, organic teas.