The First Step to Avoid Foot Pain: Break Your New Shoes In

When you purchase a good pair of shoes, the pain does not seem all that bad. However, when you start to wear them around for several hours it might seem like a different story. Most of the shoes that you purchase for the first time will be quite uncomfortable. These shoes can often cause blisters, make your feet swell and cut into your feet. However, you do not have to suffer. It is possible for you to avoid foot pain by breaking in your new pair of shoes. You can avoid throwing away your new pair of shoes by taking advantage of various strategies that have the ability to make your new shoes more comfortable and more flexible.


Using Rubbing Alcohol to Break in Your New Shoes

One strategy involves filling a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol. You can use the spray bottle to spray the inside part of your shoes with rubbing alcohol. While the rubbing alcohol is drying off you should wear your shoes around the house for a short period of time. However, it will be a good idea for you to wear a thick pair of socks as well. Rubbing alcohol can help make your shoes soft and loose.


Using Shoe Stretchers to Break in Your New Shoes

If the rubbing alcohol does not have the desired effect you might want to try purchasing shoe stretchers to break in your shoes. Once you purchase shoe stretchers you will need to put them in your shoes and keep them there overnight. By the time you wake up your new shoes should be more pliable and softer. However, it is important for you to remember that this strategy is only designed for shoes that are made out of leather. You might have a harder time trying to get shoe stretchers to work if you have a pair of synthetic shoes that need this type of help.


CinderellaUsing Cushions to Break in Your New Shoes

You can also purchase cushions or pads to break in your new shoes. You will need to figure out what part of the shoe is causing you pain in order to find out what type of pad or cushion you need to purchase for your shoes. For example, if you are hurting from cuts or blisters on your heels, you will have to purchase heel cushions to help with the pain. They can also help stretch out your shoes to a more comfortable size.


Different Types of Soles

There are a lot of different cases in which men and women are suffering from pain because of the soles that their shoes have. If you have callouses on the bottom of your feet, the shoes that you are wearing do not have appropriate soles. This is also the case if you are suffering from general pain at the bottom of your feet when you wear the new shoes. However, it is possible for you to find affordable insoles at nearly any drugstore in your area. Insoles can often help you avoid foot pain as suggested by Singapore Bone Doctor. It is normally a good idea for you to purchase gel insoles because they are normally more comfortable. On the other hand, they often slip while you walk when your feet begin to perspire.

When you are breaking in a new pair of shoes, it is extremely important for you to wear them as much as you can. However, you do not have to wear them so much that they become almost too painful to wear. If you are still going through pain after you break in your new shoes, they may not be the right size.