The Premier Bank MasterCard Can Help Malaysians With Bad Credit


Introduction – The Importance Of The Credit Card To Modern Society

The invention of the credit card has brought tremendous and significant changes in society. As technology develops, currency has become more and more digitized. Such a development has enabled the economy to become more advanced. And allows for it to be used in manners that were previously impossible.1

Credit, And How It Affects Debt

One of these uses is the evolution of modern credit. And modern credit is most commonly utilized in the form of credit cards. Credit cards make the average Malaysian’s life much easier. As a means of digitally storing and transferring these funds, they are easy to track, and hard to lose.

But credit can be a double-edged sword. How Malaysians have handled bills, loans, mortgages, and used credit cards in the past all determine how high or low their score will be.

A low credit score is often the result of not paying any outstanding debt on time, or in full payments, and/or making poor spending habits with a credit card. Accruing a low credit score will make applying for financial services such as a loan or a new credit card very difficult.

It will also mean that you may end up paying more interest for the debt that is trusted to you. And it is very difficult to raise your credit score back up to healthy levels again. But that’s where this helpful credit card comes to the rescue.2

The Premier Bank MasterCard

This credit card is not the most powerful card on the market. And it carries some hefty fees with it. It has an incredibly high $95 (RM410.11) processing fee to apply, a $75 (RM 323.77) annual fee, a $300 (RM 1295.1) credit limit, and an APR of 36%.

Despite this, it is an excellent option for those with bad credit score. This is the sole purpose of this card is to help you better your credit score. You’re saddled up with a simple ‘debt plan’, so to speak – an intentionally mediocre and undesirable card by anyone else’s standards.

But as you slowly pay off your credit debt, your credit will improve. Very slowly and over time, you can see a definite and much appreciated improvement in your credit score. And when it is high enough you’ll have much more financial freedom with your credit.


With the rise and development of the credit card, personal credit has become an important staple in the lives of everyday people. And as its use and its value more significant, it’s become a priority to safeguard it. So keep your credit score high, and avoid falling behind on debts and payments.

But for those who have fallen behind nonetheless, the Premier Bank MasterCard can help you get back on your feet. It has saved many Malaysians that suffered from bad credit and all the restrictions put upon them. And it has allowed many to better build their personal wealth by increasing their trustworthiness to banks and other financiers. And this allows Malaysians to make better and wiser financial decisions that will guide their financial future into new and exciting directions.