These 3 Tips Will Help You Find The Best Juice for the Household

Do you ever find yourself buying the same type of food just because it’s the one you already know, even though there may be better options? This tends to be more common than you think—most everyone freezes up if they have too many options to choose from. Doing research helps a lot, but if you’re not sure what to look for from reviews and ingredients lists, you may end up back at where you started.

Orange juice is probably both the easiest and hardest thing to shop for because of these factors. The flavor remains a popular staple in households, but different types mean different things. Here’s what to do if you’re on the hunt for a new brand for you or your family:

1) Consider the amount of pulp. Most brands will offer a pulp-free version, but the rest tend to have various levels of pulp inside a bottle or carton. Whether you like a lot or none at all, check the label and make sure you’re getting the right one for your money.

2) Consider the ingredients, and (yes, again) check the labels! A bottle of juice that went on sale may also be loaded with sugar and a less than ideal amount of fruit. Drinking juice will never be as good as eating the fruit itself, but avoiding sticky hands doesn’t mean you have to settle on any old product. The easiest way to check the amount of a certain ingredient is to look at the basic list: if it’s one of the first things listed, there’s a lot of it in the bottle.
The opposite also holds true. If you see the fruit part of your juice toward the bottom of the list, there won’t be a lot for your body when you buy it. Other ingredients and factors depend on your own dietary needs, but using the list order is a good way to rule out unwanted purchases.

3) Consider the expiration date and ideal size when making a purchase. It’s always tempting to buy in bulk or on sale when you’re at the grocery store, but there’s always a risk of the juice expiring before you finish drinking the carton. There’s also a set amount of fridge space in your home–prioritize what goes inside it.

Have a good shopping trip!