Tighten Your Office Security: Daily Procedure and Policies to Enforce at the Office

Developing and enforcing strong policies and procedures will help to keep your business safe and secure. Employees need to be trained in these policies so that infractions are never accidental. Not developing good policies and procedures can leave your business vulnerable even with electronic security in place. You should implement a few policies and procedures that are enforced every day in the office.


Bag Checks

Bags are one of the main ways malicious employees or visitors can steal information and equipment. Checking bags before employees leave is common and can cut down on security risks. You could also check bags as employees enter to search for weapons, drugs or other prohibited items. A simpler method is to have an area for personal bags near the entrance so that they are never taken inside your business.


Restricted Building Access

You should restrict access to different parts of the building or office. Employees or visitors should not be allowed to roam freely into server rooms, file rooms or private offices. Simple access control systems using biometrics or basic codes allow for individual access settings so that only certain employees can get through different points. Additionally, the entrances to the building should always be locked so that no one can enter without permission and logging.


Secure Equipment and Information

You can be in for real problems if someone manages to steal a hard drive or a collection of financial records containing customer information. All equipment and information should be physically secured. This means bolting down smaller equipment, using locks and cables to protect larger pieces of equipment and keeping cabinets or closets locked when not in use.

Information security training for new employees.

Email and Social Media Monitoring

Your employees can expose your network or computer data to theft or vandalism through email and social media. You should monitor network activities and restrict employee actions every day. Employees should not be allowed to use social media because it can become a conduit for revealing private or proprietary information. Personal emails should not be allowed or should be closely monitored since they can lead to spyware and viruses.


Monitor Critical Areas

The most critical areas of your business should be monitored every moment of every day. This is possible when you install an office security system by AdemcoSecurity that includes cameras, motion detectors and access control systems for doors. Monitoring will show if someone in the building is accessing an unauthorized area or acting strangely. Monitoring critical areas like entrances, main hallways and rooms containing valuable information can make a large difference every day.


Office Security Product Infographic