Tips for Making Math fun for Your Kids

There is a lot that parents can do to help make math for kids fun. When you make something fun, children are more likely to want to do it. Often children who are having difficulties with math can be helped. The trick is to make the subject less daunting. Children as young as those in kindergartens in Kuala Lumpur begin learning math. It is something that will be following them throughout their school years. Helping your child at home helps to ensure that they won’t be left behind. The following tips are designed to make learning math fun.



Cooking is a perfect tool for teaching math. Children can help parents figure out how to double their favorite cookie recipe for example. Cooking teaches multiplication, addition, subtraction and fractions. Best of all, cooking favorite foods and treats is fun, so it’s something that kids want to do.





Once the food is cooked, children can use fractions to ensure that everyone gets an equal portion. Pizza, and pie are both wonderful tools for teaching fractions. When it’s time for snacks, let your child divide snacks among the family or his or her siblings.





There are many opportunities to incorporate math into playtime fun. Draw a pie chart, or a graph and let your child help you to organize the day. Your child can chart the time needed for chores, and the time that can be used for having fun. Add, subtract and divide, anytime that you can during play. If your child has two dolls, and you give her one more, let her figure out how many she has. Use sidewalk chalk to write out math problems for your children to solve in the driveway. Being able to write outside with chalk makes math seem like fun instead of work.


When you make math for kids fun, they don’t feel like they’re learning. They feel like they’re having a great time with their parents. However, you’ll know the truth. Each time you can incorporate math into their everyday life, you are helping them. Soon they’ll no longer be intimidated by math and they’ll be sailing through their math problems in school.