Using Google Adwords to Increase Sales

I have an online business selling baby products. I decided I wanted to increase sales and traffic to my website by using Google Adwords to advertise my online business. I sought the help of a Google Adwords consultant who took care of my campaign for me. They helped me do my keyword research, presenting me with a list of keywords they recommended I target. After I confirmed with them which keywords I wanted to go after, they took care of creating and launching my advertisements.

A few weeks after beginning my campaign, it was obvious that some keywords were getting more impressions than others. So I decided to cull the keywords which weren’t working and concentrate on the ones that were. The next step was to improve my landing pages for my advertisements in an effort to convert more sales. The consultant gave me advice on what to put in to entice visitors to stay on the page that I took on. I also made modifications to my online store to make it more attractive to potential customers.

With the help of Google Adwords, traffic to my website increased four-fold and my sales doubled. I was extremely happy with the results.