Want A Successful Career In Advertising? Here Are 5 Things You Need To Know First

During the 2016 Malaysian Advertisers Association (MAA) & World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) Global Marketing Conference, HSBC Retail and Wealth Asia Pacific Marketing Head Suresh Balaj said professionals in the industry need to develop new ways on how to handle common problems that arise in an “interconnected and people-centric world.” Moreover, Suresh stressed the need to focus more on addressing what customers really need.

Similar to marketing, advertising plays a crucial role in reaching out to the brand’s target market, including the existing customers and potential leads. But with the fast-changing marketing, sales and advertising trends, coupled with the evolving consumer behaviors, the professionals in the highly competitive industry need to step up their game even further to keep up with their rivals.

If you’re part of this colorful and demanding industry, here are 5 things you need to consistently consider if you want to be successful as an advertiser.

  1. You need to go against the flow. The most successful advertising campaigns are the ones that are hard to ignore, and even harder to forget. In today’s highly connected world, it is becoming harder and harder for advertising people to create a campaign that will rise above the noise. If you want a successful career in advertising, you need to be on the lookout for common trends and go against it. If you’re keeping an eye on upcoming trends, you need to be the first to capitalize on it.People who apply for advertising jobs as an advertiser need to go against the flow
  2. You need to be data-driven. This means that you need to not only know the product like the back of your hand, you also need to know the business and its needs. There is no point in creating a campaign if the results do not cater to a business need. Take a look at the people who you think are most effective in their post. They are the ones who take the time to really understand the business and its needs. Their actions are always anchored on the business goals and values. And they are capable of generating consistent, positive results, because their actions are backed up by cold, hard data. If you want to be successful in advertising, you have to go after your target market’s emotions, which you will only define through marketing data.
  3. You need to stick to a goal but be flexible with your methods. An effective advertiser is also driven by the goal he or she has set early on. The goal could be increased online authority, sales boost, or improved customer satisfaction. While the goal is often determined by the campaign team, you need to stick to it like glue. But you also need to remember to be flexible with things you do to achieve the prize. This is where experimentation can help you, since hard data can only get you so far. You also have to own a good perception of what you customers want to create the right balance in your campaigns.
  4. You need to work on your personal style. A successful advertising professional will always be known for his or her style. Even in their early years, top advertisers gravitate towards a particular niche, and soon find their forte. As a young advertiser, experimentation allows you to determine which brands you’d like to specialize now. As a seasoned advertiser, experimentation allows you to create something that has never been tried before. These will help you create and improve your own personal style that would eventually become evident and an integral part of all the campaigns you work on.Advertiser need to work on your personal style as advertising jobs required everyone with unique ideas
  5. You need conviction. What works now may not work tomorrow, and it could feel like you’re always trying to keep your balance as the world around you constantly changes. In a way, advertising is the art of telling people what to do exactly, without explicitly telling them how. It’s also about making people join your side of the fence. And in order to do this, you don’t just need influence, you need conviction. Because just like the digital technologies used in the industry today, advertising is an ever-evolving field.

Welcome To The Wonderful World of Advertising

Regardless of your chosen field, be it design, copywriting, digital technology or sales, keep these facts in mind when you’re applying to advertising job vacancies in Malaysia. While advertising could feel like it’s such a crazy industry, it is also a highly rewarding and deeply satisfying profession.