Weight Loss 101: Low Carb Diet

Losing weight is a hard battle especially if you don’t know what kind of food is bad for you. It is very important to get as much nutrients as possible with the food that you eat. However, it is also true that the more you eat, the more you crave for food. This kind of bad eating habit can lead to weight gain, increasing waistline and ugly flabs on other parts of the body. The only way to stop yourself from adding extra fat in your body is by going for a low carb diet.



So, What is the Big Deal About Low Carb Diet?


According to research, carbohydrate intake leads to elevated insulin production which in turn leads to increased fat storage. The main purpose of a low carb diet is to reduce carbohydrate consumption that is causing the unnecessary weight gain. Many Asian dishes revolve around white rice and other grains, making it difficult to convince people to reduce their carbohydrate consumption.


What Are The Benefits Of a Low Carb Diet?


Low carb diet in Singapore isn’t just another fad; it is a major dietary cornerstone that has emerged many years ago. Low carb diet is composed of food that is rich in protein. Perfect examples of food with high protein are meat, fish and eggs. Upon closer inspection, this diet highly resembles what our ancestors eat before the beginning of modern agriculture. However, many people here in Singapore don’t see themselves doing the low carb diet plan because of their traditional practices.


If you are thinking about controlling your health condition, here are some major benefits that you’ll enjoy if you decide to use the low carb diet plan:

  • Weight Loss.
  • Improved blood circulation.
  • Reduced risk of developing heart problems.



What is the best low carb diet in Singapore that you can eat?


Most meals in Singapore have high carbohydrate content. Perfect examples are rice and noodles. If you wish to stay fit and healthy without spending a fortune, here are some meals that are high in protein you can enjoy:


  • Fish soup.
  • Yong Tau Foo.
  • Dumpling Soup.
  • Mixed Vegetables.



Foods that you Need to Avoid When Doing Low Carb Diet


When we reach our 20’s, our metabolism slows down therefore making us gain weight faster than usual. It is very important to avoid food with high carbohydrates, gluten and sugar if you wish to stay in good shape even without working out. High sugar intake on the other hand, is the culprit behind diabetes that low carb diet aims to eliminate. Carbonated drinks and alcoholic drinks are good examples of sugary beverages that you need to avoid. Fruits such as apples, bananas, pears and grapes also have at least 20 grams of carbohydrates per serving, so eat these fruits at moderation.


Low carb diet restaurants in Singapore are hard to find. It is therefore important that you know how to prepare your food with low carb. However, if preparing your meals is a difficult task for you, especially if you have a busy lifestyle, you can search for health and wellness clinics that offer such services. Slimming and weight loss spas also have dietitians that assist customers in this regard.


You need to keep in mind, though, that depriving yourself of carbohydrates too much can lead to organ strain that could affect your digestion. Planning your meal ahead is the key to successful weight loss. You can impose a cheat day in your diet program in order to regain little carbohydrates in your system. And as always, seeking the help of professionals that deal with weight loss and slimming is the best thing to do.