What Are The Letters That Go After Lawyers’ Names?

An aspiring attorney must complete an undergraduate degree prior to sitting for the LSAT. Brickfields Asia College, bac.edu.my, offers pre-law programs and law school programs (also see Long-Distance Learning: Law Courses). Although schools of law do not require admitting students to possess a pre-law undergraduate degree, some undergraduate students will obtain a Bachelors of Laws and incorporate the acronym LLB. next to their names.

An aspiring attorney spends at least three years in a school of law studying his or her craft. A law school graduate adds the acronym J.D., which stands for Juris Doctor or Doctorate of Jurisprudence. J.D. is the more popular acronym used by most graduates of law schools. Upon passing the bar exam, a licensed attorney may prefer to add Esq., which means Esquire. Although Esquire originally referred to men who surpassed a certain level of social standing, lawyers of both genders often include Esq. on resumes, business cards and other legal-related documents. It indicates that an individual has been admitted to a state bar association.

Lawyer and attorney are used interchangeably, and both terms represent an individual who is licensed to practice law. Regardless of an attorney’s specialty, such as trial litigation or corporate law, all attorneys are also lawyers. In addition to being called a lawyer or attorney, an individual who practices law, especially a trial attorney, may also be referred to as counsel. For example, in court, a judge may refer to attorneys as counsel for plaintiff or counsel for defendant; counsel may include one or more attorneys who represent a party to a case. Although not commonly used, some people will synonymously use lawyer and advocate as the same person who practices law. In some countries, a lawyer is usually called a barrister or solicitor.

Some lawyers may continue pursuing other educational avenues in the field of law, such Masters of Laws programs. A lawyer who has completed a Masters of Laws program may add the acronym LL.M. in addition to J.D. or Esq. LL.M. indicates that a lawyer has completed additional education to acquire a specialization in the field of law. LL.M. programs incorporate different areas of law, such as international law, tax law or intellectual property law.