What You Can Do Now To Live Healthier

The onslaught of chemicals from food, the environment and products used on a daily basis can wreck havoc on attempts to live as healthy as possible. Artificial colors, flavorings and other chemicals may be approved by the FDA for consumer use, but many consumers are dubious as to their actual safety. The more health conscious a person is, the more there is a desire to avoid exposure to chemicals and carcinogens that can lead to poor health of any sort. The trends for healthy living follow proven research and strong anecdotal evidence of what can be done to promote healthier living and longevity.


Choose Healthy Foods

Consumers are demanding healthier food options. The choice to buy healthier foods has reached such a high demand that major fast-food restaurants are coming on board with fresher and healthier alternatives to their typical fare. However, the change in what is put in the grocery cart makes the biggest difference. Bonus tips for you: 6 Healthy On-the-Job Snack Ideas

Opting for the least amount of processing in daily food choices is a big step toward healthier living. Fresh instead of boxed or bagged is the rule. Boxed and other packaged foods are typically laden with salt, fat, sugar and chemical preservatives. Although convenient and quick to prepare, they often lack needed nutrients and lead to weight gain.

The typical dinner plate usually consists of a large piece of meat, a medium amount of a starch and a tiny amount of vegetables. Simply reversing the proportions so that there are more vegetables and less pasta, rice, potatoes and meat is a huge step toward healthier living.


Healthy Diet Infographic



Consume Natural Antioxidants

Antioxidants help stop the damage that exposure to stress, the environment and chemicals in products cause. Many antioxidants such as vitamin C are available in supplemental form. However, many experts agree that consuming antioxidants in the form of healthy foods or beverages such as choosing to drink warm & natural Green Tea are better options. Both green and black teas are considered to have up to ten times the antioxidants of fruits and vegetables. However, green tea is less processed than black tea and may have more active plant compounds associated with healthier living.



infographic of tea



Choose Better Body Care Products

Hygiene products that have a long list of chemical names that require a dictionary to interpret should be replaced with natural body care products. Daily exposure to chemicals, preservatives, dyes and colorants in shampoos, soaps, and oral and skin care products are a concern for those who wish to live healthier lives. Natural products that do not contain any questionable ingredients eliminate the risk that exposure to those chemicals may cause. Products produced from natural organic sources work equally as well as their synthetic counterparts without the risk.

People wishing to live healthier should attack the highest risk areas for unhealthy living by first altering their diet to one that uses less processed foods. Then, supplement much needed nutrients and antioxidants naturally through better food and beverage choices. Finally, stopping the chemical onslaught caused by exposure to synthetic products used in daily personal hygiene by switching to natural organically derived options is the last step in reaching a healthier living goal.